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10 Places Horror Fans Need to Visit This Summer

10 Places Horror Fans Need to Visit This Summer


As we patiently await the arrival of October weather with all it’s fall leaves, hot cider and an obsessive amount of horror on television. I got to thinking (I know scary!) why not make the most of Summer with some horror adventures and what better adventure than a road trip! Road trips inspire high jinks and memories and if you are a horror fan throw in visiting some iconic horror places and those memories will live throughout the dead of night. Here’s a small sample of some horror places to pin on your map of horrific adventure!


lizzie borden house

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one. Now, if that doesn’t sing of bed and breakfast horror luxury then I don’t know what does. As a fan of the stories surrounding Lizzie and her infamous deed, this place has been on my bucket list for years! Why wouldn’t you love to stay in the same place she laid her head at night. You can visit the website to book a room, buy merchandise or just brush up on the history, either way the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast is one to lose your head over!



The Bates Motel

Nothing is better than the story of a mother and her son, unless it’s written by Alfred Hitchcock then it becomes a monumental piece of horror history. This summer the Metropolitan Museum of Art is transforming their roof into the iconic Bates Motel House. Touted as the Psycho Barn, due to it being made of an old barn, this structure stands 30 feet and will be available to view until Halloween.



Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Home

With family values being called into question on a daily basis it’s good to know there is one family that will always stick together, even with that whole cannibal thing. The Sawyer family took over a small house in Kingsland, Texas and later became etched into the mind of horror fans forever. You can visit the home, which has been renamed the Junction House Restaurant, make note that when you visit request to be placed in the Kingsville room, which is the same dining room that the Sawyer’s had Sally for dinner.



The Overlook Hotel

Does it get any more creepy than The Overlook Hotel? Stanley Kubrick immortalized the structure of this building in his horror classic The Shining. Located in Colorado, The Overlook Hotel, which is actually called the Timberland Lodge boasts not only the external view, but they have also set up The Shining tour with stories and memorabilia, which I am sure Jack would approve of!



Interview with the Vampire

It’s the tale as old as time, a vampire tale that is. Anne Rice burst into the horror scene with her Interview with a Vampire book, which was later turned into a feature film starring Tom Cruise as Lestat and Brad Pitt as Louis. You can actually take a tour of Louis’s plantation in Vacherie Louisiana. It’s original name is the Oak Alley Plantation and has been registered as National Historic Landmark.


NOES houseNightmare on Elm Street Locations

Dreaming of a horror adventure? Well then why not take a stroll down Elm Street….well not really Elm Street more like Genessee Avenue. This is where you can visit Nancy’s house then go across the street to see Glen’s (Johnny Depp) house. When you’re done there you can snap pics of the high school or journey to the jail where they filmed the boiler room scenes and then you can round out your day with a trip to the Kaja Institute, where Nancy had her sleep study done. After finishing up your NOES tour you should be ready for a nice nap…..or maybe not!



The Warrens

If you have watched The Amityville Horror then you know the Warrens, if you watched the Conjuring and Annabelle you know the Warrens, if you are into horror then you know the Warrens. Although Ed Warren has since past, there is no stopping you from hopping into the car and journey out to see Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum, which has some great demonic possessions and even the real Annabelle doll.


poltergeist 05

Poltergeist House

If there ever was a movie to not want to make you move to a subdivision then Poltergeist is it! Even though the house was sucked into a parallel universe in the film, thankfully the real home is alive and well. Located at 4267 Roxbury Street in Simi Valley California, the home is still in similar condition with some small trees in front (yes, I googled it) as it was in the film. Plus who wouldn’t want to have a snapshot of this home for their summer vacation travels.



The Blair Witch

Love it or hate it, The Blair Witch Project helped to change the landscape of the horror genre and what better place to celebrate than where it all began. You can travel to the actual location site of the film in Burkittsville, Maryland. It’s a small town with only a population of approximately 200 residents, but it’s a great opportunity to make a summer memory in a small town that made a big impact on horror! Just don’t let anyone put you in a corner.


friday the 13th diner

Friday the 13th Diner

What’s a summer road trip without sampling local diner fare and a great place to stop would be at the Blairstown Diner located in New Jersey. If this diner looks familiar that is because it was in Friday the 13th.  It’s said that the food is great and the diner staff is friendly and always welcoming to incoming horror fans looking to make a memory of their vacation travels.

What horror locations have you traveled to or want to travel to?

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