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5 Directors Who Should Be Considered For The New Halloween

5 Directors Who Should Be Considered For The New Halloween


You’ve all heard the news by now.  A new HALLOWEEN movie is happening, courtesy of Blumhouse, with John Carpenter signed on as executive producer.  While this has already incurred the wrath of a lot of horror fans, it has left others excitedly speculating as to who the director will be, including us here at Bloodbath & Beyond.  Supposedly a sequel in the original franchise, it’s likely to also serve as a reboot to the series.  Rebooting classics is always a touchy subject matter, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to suck.  There are filmmakers out there that could make a great HALLOWEEN movie, and here are five talented folks who could reinvigorate the franchise – and with Carpenter heavily involved, it’s already in good hands.

Who would you like to see come on board?

5. Adam Green

For this final entry, I struggled between Adam Green and Ti West.  The latter has proven himself to be the master of slow burn horror in recent years, and he’d be a great fit for this project if the plan really is to return the franchise to its roots.  That being said, Adam Green is a talented filmmaker who deserves an opportunity a huge opportunity, and his affinity for Carpenter’s original would make this one a labor of love.  Yet, he’s a filmmaker who can bring his own ideas to the table.  Green brings a heart and passion to his work that shines in every film, TV show, and podcast.  He’s more than equipped to handle a project of this magnitude and deliver a film that will please old fans, as well as new.

4. Alexandre Aja

When it comes arguing the merits of remakes, Alexandre Aja is one of the few directors many purists can accept.  His THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake is considered better than Craven’s original by many, but even those who don’t share that opinion acknowledge its merits as a good film for the most part. While falling under the umbrella of horror, Aja’s canon of films is quite versatile, with a consistent batting average quality-wise.  He’s a very well-rounded filmmaker capable of making terrifying, visceral slashers – as well as more restrained mystery thrillers.  Give him clay, and he’ll mould you an ornament worthy of your mantelpiece.  Give him the reigns to HALLOWEEN, and he’ll do something admirable with it.

3. Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent garnered huge critical acclaim with THE BABADOOK, and whether you love that movie or hate it, there’s no denying that it made an impression.  That film has set her on the path for bigger and brighter things, and a HALLOWEEN gig could really launch her into the stratosphere.  That being said, it’s very likely that the protagonists in the new HALLOWEEN will be teenage girls, therefore writing their characters from a female perspective will make them more authentic.  With THE BABADOOK, she proved she could write third dimensional characters, inspire masterful performances, and create the atmosphere, suspense, dread, fear, and psychological factors HALLOWEEN initially thrived on.

2. David Robert Mitchel

With IT FOLLOWS (review) and even his coming-of-age comedy THE MYTH OF THE AMERICAN SLEEPOVER, Mitchell showed that he has a knack for portraying adolescents true-to-life.  With IT FOLLOWS, he also crafted a horror film that is going to stand the test of time.  It encapsulated all of the chilling qualities an effective horror film should contain, coupled with teen angst and suburban terror.  If teenage characters are going to be the focal point of the new HALLOWEEN, Mitchell has a bright understanding of how to make them relatable and not sensationalized.

1. Jeremy Saulnier

If there is one thing that Jeremy Saulnier has demonstrated with his last two movies, – 2013’s BLUE RUIN and this year’s GREEN ROOM (review) – it’s that he’s a master of suspense, tension, and effective bursts of violence that are truly felt.  Furthermore, his films possess a rare minimalist quality that’s truly unsettling.  Should he be given the reigns to the new HALLOWEEN movie, his style would complement it perfectly.  Furthermore, he’s a filmmaker that could modernize the franchise, while retaining the spirit of what made Carpenter’s original effective in the first place.

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