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Bastard Son: Murderborn – Comic Review

Bastard Son: Murderborn – Comic Review


As someone who has fallen off the horror comic book reading wagon I have been wanting to get back on it for awhile. Luckily I got an email from writer Frank T. Allen asking if I would give his comic book, Bastard Son: Murderborn a look. As a fan of all forms of horror media I’m always happy to checkout any new horror projects coming down the pipeline. But, even though I am always optimistic about new horror, you can end up running into work that’s touted as horror, when in reality it has very little to do with horror, but Bastard Son: Murderborn is not the case.

The story goes, Ethan has suffered from nightmares all his life and as an adult he felt they would have subsided, but sadly they didn’t. When his murderson comic panelparents are killed, it unleashes the evil that has been inside him all those years and that evil will help guide him on his journey of revenge and to find out who he really is.

Bastard Son: Murderborn starts out the gate strong and doesn’t let up! As you progress through the story the comic gives off a Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn kind of vibe, which I loved. As the comic continues to unfold, Ethan starts to take on some Ash from Evil Dead like qualities and when he is captured by a man named Sawbones, who could give the Sawyer family a run for their money, he let’s Ethan in on the secret of the curse that Ethan holds and how things are not how they seem. There are also additional characters that include a mad scientist with a very unconventional family and a group of hillbillies that raise the blood shed and body count!

I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this comic for fans who love their horror crazy, fun and bloody! Frank T. Allen has written an engaging, funny and suspenseful horror comic that stays on it’s bloody trail of a task and credit also goes to artist Marco Serillo Fontanli, who captured the tone and overall gore of the comic. For those already intrigued and looking to read Bastard Son: Murderborn you are in luck, there’s currently a Kickstarter that goes into further details of Bastard Son, including the ability to read chapter one. Plus when you back the project you can get some really great incentives. Trust me this is a comic you don’t want to miss out on!

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