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Chucky: Complete 7-Movie Collection Blu-ray Review | Universal

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Bloodbath and Beyond reviews Chucky: Complete 7-Movie Collection from Universal available now.

Universal: https://www.universalpictures.com/

Release Details:

Disc 1 – Child’s Play:
Feature Commentary by Alex Vincent, Catherine Hicks and “Chucky” Designer Kevin Yagher
Feature Commentary by Producer David Kirschner and Screenwriter Dan Mancini
Select Scene Chucky Commentaries
Evil Comes in Small Packages: The Birth of Chucky
Evil Comes in Small Packages: Creating the Horror
Evil Comes in Small Packages: Unleashed
Chucky: Building a Nightmare
A Monster Convention
Introducing Chucky: The Making of Child’s Play
Photo Gallery
Theatrical Storyboards

Disc 2 – Child’s Play 2:
Theatrical Trailer

Disc 3 – Child’s Play 3:
Theatrical Trailer

Disc 4 – Bride of Chucky:
Bride of Chucky Spotlight on Location
Feature Commentary with Director Ronny Yu
Feature Commentary with Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif and Don Mancini
Theatrical Trailer

Disc 5 – Seed of Chucky:
Slashed Scene with audio commentary by Writer/Director Don Mancini and Debbie Carrington
Heeeeere’s Chucky
Family Hell-iday Slide Show
Conceiving the Seed of Chucky
Tilly on The Tonight Show
FuZion Up Close with The Seed of Chucky stars
Storyboard to Final Feature Comparison
Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Don Mancini and Puppet Master Tony Gardner
Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Don Mancini and Actress Jennifer Tilly
Theatrical Trailer
Teaser Trailer

Disc 6 – Curse of Chucky:
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel
Playing with Dolls: The Making of Curse of Chucky
Living Doll: Bringing Chucky to Life
Voodoo Doll: The Chucky Legacy
Storyboard Comparisons
Feature Commentary with Director Don Mancini, Puppeteer Tony Gardner and Star Fiona Dourif (Both Versions)

Disc 7 – Cult of Chucky:
Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director/Writer/Executive Producer Don Mancini
Inside the Insanity of Cult of Chucky
Good Guy Gone Bad: The Incarnations of Chucky
The Dollhouse
Feature Commentary with Director/Writer/Executive Producer Don Mancini and Head Puppeteer/Associate Producer Tony Gardner

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