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Fright Crate October 2017 Mega Box Unboxing

Bloodbath and Beyond unboxes Fright Crate, a non-themed monthly horror subscription box.
Learn more: http://www.frightcrate.net/

Fright Crate FB: https://www.facebook.com/frightcratehorror
Fright Crate Twitter: https://twitter.com/frightcrate

Scott Straka Art: http://scottstrakaart.storenvy.com/

Contents for $30 Fright Crate October 2017 (Mega box)
1. Saw Pig Mask
2. Exclusive Halloween Shirt
3. Exclusive Michael Myers Print by Scott Straka
4. Exclusive Killer Klowns Drawstring Backpack
5. Exclusive Night of the Demons Hat
6. Exclusive Rocky Horror Sunglasses
7. Exclusive Lightning Christine enamel pin

Jay Bond I drunkenly steer the ship that is Bloodbath and Beyond. Things I like include: Slashers, Deadpool, whiskey, and gratuitous nudity.