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Holy Mother of Horror! 10 of the Most Memorable Mothers from Horror

Holy Mother of Horror! 10 of the Most Memorable Mothers from Horror


It’s Mother’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with a look at the mothers of horror and how their impact helped to shape some of the greatest characters, moments and franchises of all times. So, let us raise our glass of virgin blood and toast these horrific mothers!

Norma Bates

The mother of all mothers! She redefined the love a mother has for her son and changed the ability to calmly take a shower in a motel.

Morticia Addams

The Addams Family, sure they were mysterious and spooky and altogether kooky, but they loved each other in their own special way. Morticia was the kind of mother you aspire to be while you are cutting off the heads of your roses.

Ellen Ripley

Nothing says a mother’s love like battling an Alien Queen with a pay loader!*


***Yes, I’m aware that Ripley is not Newt’s mother but she showed a motherly side to her in the film***

Pamela Voorhees

Pamela Voorhees helped to shape one of the most iconic slashers of the horror genre and what mother wouldn’t be proud of that!

Margaret White

We’ve all called our mama crazy from time to time, but Carrie White’s mama’s crazy was written out like the gospel!

Donna Trenton

You have to give it to Donna Trenton, yes she battled a 200 pound rabid St. Bernard, but she did it all while trapped in a car with a child that had no electronic devices to keep him entertained. Now that’s a mother’s love!

Ellen Brody

Granted she didn’t get to set out to sea when her husband, Chief Brody went searching for Jaws.  But, she did get a chance to battle the shark in order to save her son in Jaws 4.  Sure, it was the worst of the installments in the franchise, but you can’t blame a mother for trying!

Alien Queen

Sure she’s not human, but that still doesn’t mean she can’t be an awesome and vengeful mother to her impending facehugger babies. 

Amelia (The Babadook)

A mother will always fight for the safety of her child, even when he is the most annoying creature on the face of the planet!

Kate (Orphan)

After losing her child she opened up her home and apparently a pathway to her husband when she adopted Ester. Yes, later in the film Kate ends up killing Ester in a frozen lake, but let’s not split hairs when celebrating her motherly ways.


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