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Horror Round-up from SDCC 2016

Horror Round-up from SDCC 2016


Another year has passed and I still haven’t made it to SDCC, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Luckily enough for those of us that can’t make the trek to the mother of all cons, an abundance of nerdy social media outlets have streaming coverage that includes interviews, panels, and upcoming toys.

But, I know what you’re thinking “But, Evil it’s all comic book stuff there’s nothing horror there!” Granted, I can see how many would think that, but in reality, there’s quite a lot of horror orientated coverage. Here’s a rundown of the horror goodness that San Diego Comic Con 2016 had to offer!


Blair Witch
Originally titled The Woods, this is a sequel to the original Blair Witch Project. So, does this mean we get to erase Book of Shadows from the Blair Witch timeline?

Exorcist Trailer
It’s set to debut on September 23rd on Fox and I’m hoping this gets more love than A&E’s Damien.
The Walking Dead Teaser Trailer
The Walking Dead Comic Con Trailer
I think us Walking Dead fans are in agreement that October can’t come fast enough to see who meets the business end of Negan’s bat, Lucille.
Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Trailer
Ash is back and it looks like it gets bloody good for our groove horror icon.
Lucifer Season 2 Trailer
Mama has escaped and there is going to be Hell to pay!


Bates Motel Panel Part 1 |Part 2 | Part 3

Supernatural Panel
The Walking Dead Panel
Fear The Walking Dead
Grimm Cast Interview
iZombie Panel
Ash vs. Evil Dead Panel
Scream Queens Panel
Alien 30th Anniversary Panel


Sideshow Collectibles
(Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Female Pinhead, Alien)
If I had a soul I would totally sell it for that Female Pinhead!

Tour of Ash vs. Evil Dead Cabin
This needs to be included in Universal Horror Nights in Orlando.

The Walking Dead Booth

What did you like best at SDCC this year? Let me know @horrorevilqueen

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