Home Comics Comic News LUCHAGORE’s “El Gigante” becomes a gore-filled horror comic
LUCHAGORE’s “El Gigante” becomes a gore-filled horror comic

LUCHAGORE’s “El Gigante” becomes a gore-filled horror comic


Luchagore Productions’ EL GIGANTE is getting a digital graphic novel that will be as brutal and gory as the short horror film that crushed its festival run netting the team a feature deal with Raven Banner Entertainment. Gory, grotesque, yet somehow beautiful, EL GIGANTE immediately became the best horror short I have ever seen, so any auxiliary content for this beast of a short is more than welcomed.

Hiro Fujii and Daiju Kurabayashi, the Japanese team behind the comic, have actually created an equally engaging digital comic for another popular horror short, CALL GIRL from Jill Sixx.

Press Release:

El Gigante”, the short film based on Shane McKenzie’s novel Muerte Con Carne, has been a massive hit for Luchagore Productions, playing in festivals worldwide and receiving insane critical acclaim. We are pleased to announce that the famous short film has now been turned into a graphic novel by the extremely talented team of Hiro Fujii and Daiju Kurabayashi from Japan! The vibrant colors and eye-popping visuals of the comic perfectly capture the tone of the film, and this is sure to be a huge hit with fans of the story. The BLOOD and GORE ooze from the pages, and will leave the reader feeling dirty and filthy, yet satisfied!

The comic will be released this summer on the official “El Gigante” comic page: http://elgigantecomic.curse.jp/

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