Home Comics Comic News Physical Copies of Black Suit of Death Now Available!
Physical Copies of Black Suit of Death Now Available!

Physical Copies of Black Suit of Death Now Available!


We recently reviewed the BLACK SUIT OF DEATH: THE IDES OF MARCH comic (review) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s an emblazoned representation of the creativity going on in the world of indie comics at the moment, and now you can own your very own physical copy of the first issue.  Digital copies are fine and all, but nothing beats the good, ol’ fashioned print at the end of the day.

In a statement from their official Facebook page:


As promised, we have a HUGE announcement to make, huge as in this has been a long time coming and after being beaten over the head by fans, family, and friends alike we finally have a store. Yes, that’s right, an actual online store where you may finally order print copies of your favorite Warrior Innkeeper comic books!

More comics will be added in the coming weeks but first up, yup you guessed it Black Suit of Death: Ides of March and BSD: Sketchbook I.

By picking this up, you’ll not only be entertained, but you’ll be contributing towards the the series’ continuity.  Self-publishers rely on our support to be able to continue providing new comics, and BLACK SUIT OF DEATH is a saga that deserves a future – and your attention.

You can pick up your physical copy from their official website, or purchase a digital version from Comixology.


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