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Saluting Horror’s First Victims

Saluting Horror’s First Victims


As horror movie lovers, there is a lot to love about horror, whether it be rooting for the resident slasher or cheering on the final girl. You can always find that character(s) that give you the warm and fuzzies! But, it seems that one character usually always gets passed over, and that’s the film’s first victim. Honestly, if you think about it, that character alone helps to set off the movie. Without their deaths and finding the reasoning behind their deaths there would essentially be no story.  So, I figured I would pay tribute (cue the Hunger Games music) to those first victims that set off a chain of events that would lead to some amazing and memorable horror films.

Who are some of your favorite first horror victims? Let me know @horrorevilqueen


Casey (Drew Barrymore) – I know someone of you will argue that “technically” Casey wasn’t the first to die in the intro installment to the Scream franchise, it was her boyfriend. However, Casey’s death is the most pivotal death compared to her boyfriend, plus overall it’s a better death. So, let’s raise a bowl of Jiffy Pop to Casey’s death and always remember that Pamela Voorhees was the original killer in Friday the 13th.


Chrissie Watkins (Susan Backlinie) – What’s a shark attack movie without a few or a lot of deaths and Chrissie’s death on that fateful Amity beach is no exception. Not only is she an iconic first victim her death taught us that drinking and swimming in Amity doesn’t bode well. Plus, if Chrissie would have never been attacked then Matt Hooper would not have concluded that there was a great white off the shores of Amity.


Kimberly (Kimberly Caldwell) – American Idol was hot at the time and what better way to capitalize on that then to appear in a horror film. I’ll admit I did a collective eye roll when I saw her in the opening scene, but her death rose to be one of the highlights of the film. Even though her death didn’t bother to warn any of the future victims in the film, her first victim death is worth a mention.


Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) – Was Marion Crane really Norman Bates’s first victim? For the sake of argument she was for Alfred Hitchcock’s classic suspense thriller Psycho. Marion’s death is one of the most iconic scenes in horror history it also thrusts her sister, Lila Crane onto the journey to The Bates Motel, which ultimately uncovers Norman’s split personality and helped spawn 5 films, a popular television show and a healthy fear of hotel showers.


Scuba Diver – This poor guy doesn’t even get credited on IMDB, but his death set in motion Kelly (Bridget Fonda) traveling to Maine to investigate an animal attack. I appreciate the fact that filmmakers went the extra mile to show his body in it’s entirety after the attack. This first victim of Lake Placid really deserves a nod to his half for starting this movie off in the right direction.


Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne) – You know the scene, you know the victim!


Katie (Amber Tamblyn) – What’s pivotal about Katie’s death is that it starts Rachel (Naomi Watts) on a horrific investigation for the truth of what happened to her. If Katie hadn’t watched the mysterious video and subsequently died then they would have never found Samara in the well, set her free to kill again…..in 7 days!

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