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Scream “Heavenly Creatures” – TV Review 8.7

Scream “Heavenly Creatures” – TV Review


This review contains spoilers.

On August 17th, SCREAM Season 2 will come to a close with its final episode. And while MTV and Netflix’s popular TV adaptation of the hit film series has had its ups and downs, it’s never had a truly bad episode. My biggest fear with calling the season’s second to last episode “Heavenly Creatures” was that it would be populated with fantasy dream sequences, of which this season has had more than enough. (If you’ve seen the brilliant Peter Jackson film of the same name, you know what I’m referring to.) Fortunately, the episode title smartly refers to another aspect of that film as it focuses on Audrey and Emma, who in the second half of the season have become the central focus of the killer’s onslaught as was to be expected. But with a smartly constructed play by the killer, which Emma and Audrey unwittingly played right into, the stage is set for a potentially great final episode.

The opening of this episode was fantastic. Emma is sleeping in her room while the killer slowly walks through her house and into her room. When she opens her eyes, she knows the killer is there, terrified to turn around. It’s a classic horror scenario that is executed extremely well. Emma then turns around to see the killer gone, her diary removed, and a wooden heart left for her as a “gift.” This sets the stage for further paranoia all around, leading Maggie to start playing a more active part in the police investigation and Sheriff Acosta to pursue the only lead he has, Kristen Lang’s connection to Piper Shaw.

Noah has had it particularly rough in this series, more so than critics and audiences realize. He lost his first love, Riley, and then proceeded to take his love of “turning death into a puzzle that he can solve” right into Gale Weathers territory by running The Morgue podcast. Now, with the death of Zoe, his obsession with watching and commenting on the events as they unfold has dropped him right in the middle of the tragedy, effectively ruining him and making him want to give up everything he’s doing. No one can really blame him for this given what he went through in the previous episode.

While the show has pretty much spent time trying to make everyone a potential suspect, much attention as of late has been turned on Eli. Emma finds a newspaper clipping of her and Audrey at Will Belmont’s funeral only to see Eli in the photo as well. Eli has always been a strange and utterly creepy character; from sneaking into people’s homes, making passes on Emma to incessant mind games with Kieran, the show has successfully made its viewers assume the worst with this character. A quick scene with Eli and his mother shows not only the control he has over his family, but the lengths he is willing to go to ensure events unfold according to his plan.

However, Gustavo is still high on the suspect list. His little pep talk with Noah could easily be seen as a way of convincing Noah to continue with The Morgue, upload the farewell podcast so he could learn how much time he has to hack into Noah’s laptop and upload the video that incriminates Audrey and Emma. Gustavo is a very complex and interesting character. His fascination with death while displaying absolute self-awareness and discipline is very much in line with the intelligence required to pull off the plans that this killer has been able to. Brooke’s character arc also hasn’t developed much since her on/off romance with Gustavo started, which means the writers could easily be saving some big surprise for her in the finale, not unlike her surprise discovery in this episode’s last act.

In typical SCREAM fashion, another character is brutally murdered by the end. Mayor Maddox meets his end by getting impaled with a rake. Audrey and Emma discover the body and the murder weapon just as the police arrive, having just seen the uploaded viral video that implicates Emma (through reading excerpts of her dream journal out of context) and Audrey (by showing the video of her finding Jake’s corpse) as the prime suspects. Everything is starting to come full circle in what was a truly epic pre-season finale episode. Now the pressure is on for SCREAM to give us something we won’t see coming.

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Heavenly Creepy


SCREAM gears up with another strong episode that keeps you on the edge of your seat as it sets up a very promising finale!

Overall Quality8.7
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 10

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