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Scream “Let the Right One In” – TV Review 7.0

Scream “Let the Right One In” – TV Review


This review contains spoilers.

SCREAM Season 2 is now more or less around the halfway mark. It’s about the time that the show should start drawing the connecting lines between all the marks it’s set up and ring its hooked viewers closer into the mystery. If you’re not invested into the season at this point, chances are you will either continue watching out of a detached sense of obligation or will give up on the show altogether. Fortunately, the last few episodes have been stellar, so it’s natural that “Let the Right One In” would take a few steps back from any new revelations and focus on character relationships. In handling those, this episode doesn’t do a whole lot right as the relationships aren’t really developed, making this episode feel more like uneventful filler than anything else.

Starting things off, Sheriff Acosta is wasting no time getting to the heart of his investigation. He walks into Emma’s house and tells her that her laptop has been used to send emails from Riley’s account. Careful not to accuse her of involvement, he talks her into mentioning the pictures of herself that she found at the farm. There he finds a picture of infant Emma being held by a man whose face has been scratched out.

While that is happening, Zoe and Noah continue to get closer. The episode spends a lot of time developing the relationship between these two. It seems to be doing this to set up Zoe’s position for whatever is to come in the later episodes. The standout scene in this subplot is when Zoe claims that she was away at a SpaceX Lift Bold Thinkers immersion program last fall, but then Noah catches her out in a lie saying, “I’ve applied to that program six times. It’s in June, not October.” And while Zoe does explain herself to Noah regarding why she lied to him, it’s hard not to start looking at Zoe kind of suspiciously. One thing that SCREAM Season 2 has managed to do well is keep you weary of every character. Everyone seems to be hiding secrets, so it’s hard to fully trust someone, even the characters we love.

The relationship between Kieran and Emma continues to be strained as Emma confronts her boyfriend again about going to the police. She tells him she feels betrayed, despite that Kieran affirms that he did it to protect her. This puts space between the two of them, allowing Kieran’s brother, Eli to swoop in and try to get closer to Emma. The first scene in the episode shows Kieran breaking and entering into other people’s home, a strangely suspicious act. As he talks to Emma, it’s hard to take anything he says as truth, and the final act is especially inexplicable. Did Eli know about the bodies upstairs? Most likely not, but it’s almost too convenient that he and Emma would just so happen to break into the same house where the killer had been hiding Eddie and Seth Branson.

Regardless, the fire that consumes the house and almost traps Eli and Emma at the end claims the life of Branson as he is burned alive. It will be interesting to see now how this death affects Brooke, whose story is glossed over this time around, and whether the police will find out about Eli’s whereabouts in later episodes.

Other than the events I just talked about, “Let the Right One In” is among the series’ weaker episodes in that it doesn’t progress the story forward much. It’s nice to take the time to delve more into the character relationships but one can’t help but think that most of this was shown simply to take up more screen time.  The show has spent an admirable ample time focusing on its characters, but this episode marks the first time that said focus felt more tedious than engaging.

More Filler Than Killer


As SCREAM Season 2 moves into its second half, “Let the Right One In” feels more like a stand in episode to take up screen time rather than advance the plot forward. Aside from the season’s 3rd character death, not much of note happened this week, so hopefully this slower pace pays off next week.

Overall Quality7.1
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