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Silver Vol. 1 – Comic Review

Silver Vol. 1 – Comic Review


Meet James Finningan, an all around con man, who is in the middle of pulling off a final heist that will set his life and the life of his crew on easy street. But, when Finn gets too cocky and makes a fatal error it costs him and his crew big. So, in order to get what is his he embarks on a supernatural journey that has been centuries in the making.

Written by Stephan Franck, whose credits include The Iron Giant and Despicable Me, weaves a horror pulp yarn that will please anyone. Set in the 1930’s and done strictly in black and white Franck’s writing makes it one of the most vivid reads in horror. Silver is a horror heist that fuses its origins back to Jonathan Harker’s (whose confidant and physician was Abraham Van Helsing) diary, which details the story of a sought after pyramid of silver bars that is sealed away in a castle except for once a year, for 3 nights the bars are up for the taking, the only problem is dealing with the castle’s guests, who happen to be vampires. Which leaves Finn to employ the talents of Miss Rosalynd Sledge, who happens to be Van Helsing’s granddaughter. The dialogue and action are in a great harmony together as you make it through Finn’s scheme to get his money back. Although Van Helsing lore is nothing new in comics, Franck’s take on it is, which is refreshing in an already over copied genre. Silver Volume 1 consists of 3 chapters that are engrossing from beginning to end and even after the story ends there are some great bonus comic features that further enhance the comic. I will give you a word of advice when you pick up volume 1 go ahead and pick up volume 2 because now I am kicking myself for not picking them both up at the same time because this is a heist you will want to get in on!


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