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The Black Suit of Death: The Ides of March (2015) – Comic Review

The Black Suit of Death: The Ides of March (2015) – Comic Review


Publisher: Warrior Innkeeper Creative

Writer(s): Benjamin Kreger, Edward Ellsworth

Artist: Stefano Cardoselli


Release Date: OUT NOW

BLACK SUIT OF DEATH: THE IDES OF MARCH is a one-shot prelude to the upcoming BLACK SUIT OF DEATH series from Warrior Innkeeper Creative.  The series itself will focus on a depressed college student who discovers an “alien bio-mechanoid suit’’ inspired by the myth of the Grim Reaper, which turns him into an ultimate killing machine when he wears it.  In this prelude, we learn the origin story of how the suit was invented and what its original purpose was for – and it’s hilarious.

Utopia IX is the perfect society.  The Council of Nine have eradicated war, poverty, disease and reality television.  However, the planet is overpopulated, and the health of the people has increased the average lifespan.  Energy is running out and they need a solution, so they turn to the planets Principal of Science, Dr. Sietsan to come up with one.  His solution is genocidal human sacrifice, but his outlandish idea is rejected, and as a punishment he’s banished to Earth.

As a precursor to the main series, this is everything you could hope for.  It brilliantly lays the foundations for what’s to come, and does so in a lively manner through terrific world building and memorable characters.  Co-writers Benjamin Kreger and Edward Ellsworth have crafted a unique mythology, and the artwork does a great job in bringing their vision to life.  While the next instalment will take place on Earth, BLACK SUIT OF DEATH has unlimited possibilities to go anywhere and everywhere; it creates a sense of a vast, grand galaxy out there, with an array of interesting planets inhabited by life.

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As zany, weird and oddball as BLACK SUIT OF DEATH is, it raises some thought provoking questions about our own planet, with issues such as growing populations, the future of energy and capital questions posing questions to ponder.  In the story, the madcap psychotic scientist Dr. Sietsan suggests societies worst should be sentenced to death for the betterment of their world; his radical views are dismissed as lunacy, and he’s punished as a result.  He might be Loony Toons crazy and exaggerated, but he does raises some questions such as would it be okay to kill the worst for the to ensure society continues to function?  But more than anything he’s just a fantastic villain who is incredibly entertaining.

BLACK SUIT OF DEATH is recommended for two reasons.  Firstly, it’s a unique, original story that’s very fun and wacky, with more bubbling underneath the surface than you might expect.  If you’re a comic book fan who enjoys fresh concepts, unique mythology and good storytelling, then you’ll have a good time with this.  And secondly, by supporting independent creators, you allow them to keep doing what they do best, and that’s entertain us with their art.  This is off to a great start, and it deserves to be read.

You can pick up BLACK SUIT OF DEATH: THE IDES OF MARCH here, as well as other sites if you give it a Google search.


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