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Trespasser #1 – Comic Review

Trespasser #1 – Comic Review


Publisher: Alterna Comics

Writer: Justin M. Ryan

Artist: Kristian Rossi

Release Date: February 10th, 2016

Parenthood is no easy task, especially when you’re a single father raising a daughter in the middle of nowhere.  In TRESPASSER, we’re introduced to a patriarch, his daughter and their dog; they live on a farm on the edge of a forest, isolated from the rest of the world.  Food isn’t easy to obtain, so they rely on hunting wildlife and birds for their next meal.  At the farm entrance, there’s a scene warning off trespassers with the punishment of a bullet, so it’s evident that the father isn’t exactly the social type.  However, when he finds an injured alien in the forest, he takes it home to tend to its wound, despite not knowing if the visitor poses a threat to him and his family.  Still, human kindness is a wonderful thing – or is it?

TRESPASSER is off to a fantastic start, with an issue rife with mystery and tension laced with heartache and gallows humour.  It raises some thought provoking questions about the human race, and chances are you’ll come out of reading it feeling conflicted.  The story isn’t your conventional extraterrestrial fare either, and given that this is only the first issue there’s no telling where it’s going to go – let’s just say that it ends on a cliff hanger.  This issue could just as easily be an enjoyable standalone arc; there’s a satisfying beginning, middle and conclusive end, yet it’s merely the beginning.  The foundations have been laid, and where it’ll go next is untelling.  That’s exciting!

The art by Kristian Rossi is a treat, and it captures that rural sense of loneliness perfectly, while also doing managing to tell a captivating visual story.  It’s stunning, yet there’s a sense of sorrow in every panel.  I was surprised by how many emotions this evoked in me, which is a rarity given how jaded I tend to be when it comes to horror.  However, there’s something profoundly human about TRESPASSER that makes a tale about something otherworldly seem so grounded in reality; it left me feeling gut punched, and gave me a lot to ponder afterwards.  Everyone will have their own views on it, but it scores points with me for being good storytelling that tapped into something so much more.

Justin M. Ryan and Kristian Rossi have made an impression with TRESPASSER, and it’s yet another great title released by Alterna.  Take notice of this company and independent comics as a whole, because gems like this are out there waiting to be discovered.

Final Rating: 9/10

You can pick it up HERE.


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