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When Good Horror TV Goes Bad

When Good Horror TV Goes Bad


f you’re like me then you love to watch tv especially horror television. I grew up with Tales From the Crypt, Ray Bradbury Presents, Monsters and Tales From the Darkside, just among the few. Thankfully with the explosion of The Walking Dead, horror shows are all over the place from MTV to NBC, but what happens when that once great horror show starts slowly ending up being more of a burden than a benefit to watching? What do you do? Do you cut bait and let it go or do you keep with it in the hopes the show will turn around for the better? I figured I would do a quick rundown of the 3 shows that have got me questioning my loyalty.

For those that have not seen these shows, there will be spoilers!!!

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I remember watching the Disney version of Sleepy Hollow every Halloween as a kid and I’ve always enjoyed the telling of Ichabod Crane. So, when FOX announced they would be reviving the Ichabod story once again I was ready to give it a chance. This re-telling goes into great historic detail to show you how Ichabod Crane comes to be in a modern day Sleepy Hollow and how supernatural events helped play a part in shaping this country.

The show started out like a musket shot with action, adventure, and horror and although the star of the show was Ichabod Crane played by Tom Mison, it was Abbie Mills played by Nicole Beharie, who became the breakout star of the show. In the beginning of the series Abby was a police officer who was headed to the FBI academy, when she was thrust into the historic and supernatural world of Sleepy Hollow. What was great about her character was that she broke all female character restrictions that you see over and over again on television. Abby took charge and kept charge, she had the plan, made decisions and that was that. As the season progressed it was obvious that the writers flirted with some romantic chemistry between her and Crane, but it was always subtle and albeit charming at times.

As it moved into continuing seasons that’s when the tide began to turn for this once great show. The beginning of the show going a little south was with the edition of Crane’s wife, Katrina. Crane had believed that she had long since passed, having left her on his way into war, when in fact, Katrina was actually stuck in purgatory and would later be released by Crane and Abbie. I’ll give a little to the show they did try and make Katrina interesting with a sordid backstory full of witchcraft and lies, but overall the character was just, lack of a better word, boring. Even the actress herself, Katia Winter admitted that she felt her character was uninteresting. They infused more of a pulse in the seasons by introducing Crane and Katrina’s son, Henry who had a sinister plan to take over and it was up to the gang to stop it. It still muddled through with the engaging moments of the show falling more on Henry rather than the cast as a whole. I also felt they tried to hard to create a romantic conflict with Abbie, Katrina, and Crane, which didn’t really pan out effectively.  

Then Season 3 hit and with the demise of Katrina and Henry I thought the show could get back on track, but instead it continued down its path of sorted plot lines and uninteresting episodes especially with the addition of Pandora, as in Pandora’s Box, which was poorly executed. Most can be laid at the feet of the casting directors when Shannyn Sossamon was cast as Pandora. I actually like Shannyn, but this part did not fit her well and with the addition of Pandora’s husband who she had been trying to resurrect in order for them to rule together was dry and uninteresting and at this point, the show was becoming a chore to watch. Trying to remain a loyal fan and hoping the goodness the show originally had would shine through I continued on.

But, the nail in the coffin moment came in the finale episode of the season when they killed off Abbie Mills. Now, I do understand that Nicole Beharie did want out of her contract, but with ratings slipping away it would have been best to just end the show on a monumental high note and let those that write fan fiction take over the story so that it could live through the halls of the internet. But, instead, they give one of the best female characters in horror tv a lackluster departure scene and sent Crane off to work with the government. Soon the internet interrupted with outrage and I was part of the mob. There have always been scenarios in the seasons when Abbie was lost in another dimension and Crane was able to pull her back, but this was the end of Abbie and a lot of its loyal fans the end of the series to watch.


I’ve been watching Grimm since the beginning and being 5 seasons in I’ve witnessed a lot of new and interesting plot twists, growth and change in characters such as Rosalee (Bree Turner) becoming more of a central character and Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) becoming more embedded in the Grimm world and embracing an additional character like Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) as another Grimm. But, from the very beginning, I had never liked the character of Nick’s (David Giuntoli) girlfriend, Juliette (Bitse Tulloch). She was this marriage-shy, veterinarian girlfriend who to me never felt like she fit with him. Her character always felt in the way of the series. Due to a spell put on her by Nick’s enemy at the time Adalind (Claire Coffee), Juliet was plunged into a coma in Season 2, which gave me a break from her. But, of course, that didn’t last forever and as the seasons progressed anything they ever tried to do with her character always felt forced.

Then they decided to basically give her a personality makeover by turning her into a violent and evil creature, a Hexenbiest. Her evilness escalated throughout the season and finally culminating in killing Nick’s mother. By the end of the final episode of the season, Truble had killed Juliet. I thought finally she’s gone and the show can move on without this albatross of a character. Unfortunately, as season 5 progressed it appears that the form of Juliet was killed, but was re-born as Eve, a robotic assassin Hexenbiest with almost limitless powers.

You can tell the show wanted to spice up her character, but instead, you still have her robotic performance now in a robotic style character. She has now become even more of an irritant to the show than when she was Juliet. It feels as though she has been forced upon the audience again instead of just making a clean break from her. Now with the conclusion of season 4, it appears Eve maybe reverting back to Juliette. So, she’s back again and when once again she could have had a graceful death, which the Juliet/Eve character just proves it’s better to let bad things die.


SupernaturalI’ve always been a fan of anything supernatural and throw in a couple of good looking guys Sam (Jared Padalaski) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester and I’m usually watching, but I had actually passed on watching Supernatural several times but decided to give it a chance. By the end of episode 1, I was hooked and I proceeded to power my way through a 5 season binge. Around this time there was talk of the show ending, which I like most fans was upset to hear. I thought this is a great horror show that was too young to end. So, in a stroke of luck and I’m sure constant fan pressure, it was announced that Supernatural would return for another season, but the question was where do you take the show after the Winchesters had battled the apocalypse and won? Well, apparently you keep recycling the same storyline with just a few changes.

I hate to say I have grown weary of Sam and Dean Winchester fighting God and Satan and Satan and God and God and Satan and now they are battling God’s Sister, The Darkness. I’ve lost count on how many times Crowley (Mark Shepherd) has been the King of Hell and lost the title only to regain it again. How many times will Cass go rogue again? Or how many times have both Sam and Dean been dead or alive, with a soul or soulless or possessed by good or evil. The storytelling is still great when it’s focused more like a monster of the week show, but the story slows to what is almost a crawl when it shifts back to fighting whatever deity they are up against for the season. Now with a season 12 in the works, I can only hope they skip the war and just fight the battles.

My final assessment after pouring out my frustrations in the above few paragraphs. I think I have all but passed on watching Sleepy Hollow any longer. I could watch the first episode of the new season, but I feel my anger will overcome any amount of joy I could get from watching the show. I will still stick with Grimm in the hopes that Eve/Juliet will really finally meet her end. As for Supernatural, I’m still on the fence about it and with an additional 7 more episodes of the current season left for me to watch it looks pretty grim for Supernatural.

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